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Organizational Culture

No Drama Part II: Going Direct

Revisit our ‘No Drama’ content taught to all Roadhouse staff Understand the benefits of going direct – and the impact when you don’t Learn the 7 Steps to Having a Courageous Conversation Get coaching tips to help someone else successfully go direct Leave equipped with Bottom-Line Change®, a tool to help you implement ‘going direct’ […]

Organizational Culture

Trainer Roundtable: Ask Us Anything!

Meet and connect with ZingTrain trainers Get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of ZingTrain Be inspired to develop new training in your organization Download the webinar files Recording – Trainer Roundtable: Ask Us Anything!

Organizational Culture

Creating A No Drama Work Culture

Restaurant culture is often stereotyped as fast-paced, high-stress, and ripe with interpersonal conflict. Long-time Zingerman’s Roadhouse restaurant manager, Lisa Schultz, took charge to foster a different culture for her staff. While conflict in the workplace is unavoidable, there are ways to dramatically minimize the drama it can create.  In 2017, Lisa designed a ‘No Drama’ training that is […]

Managing Ourselves

Growing Forward with Intention

Are you someone who avoids conflict? Short-term, it can feel much easier to internalize conflict and suppress feelings of discomfort. Long-term, a habit of avoidance can lead to built-up pressure and negative self-talk. However, there is hope! This month’s webinar shines light on techniques to help you embrace struggle in productive ways.  If we can pause […]

Ari's Writing

More Thoughts About Effectively Managing Emotion

Back in 1991, right around the right time I began the intentional explorations of my own emotions, Sam Keen published a book called Fire in the Belly. I read it shortly after it came out, and all these years later, I’m still benefiting from what I learned. Three decades down the road, I’ve gone on to […]

Managing Ourselves

Embracing the Importance of Emotions in the Organizational Ecosystem

“What do you do when your world starts to fall apart?” author Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing wonders in The Mushroom at the End of the World. Her answer: “I go for a walk, and if I’m really lucky, I find mushrooms.” When Brené Brown asked British actress Sarah Niles, “You, Sarah, are called to be really brave, […]

Managing Ourselves

One Life and Three Sisters

In his lovely new book, A Little Devil in America, Hanif Abdurraqib writes, “There are moments when I question what I am taking in with my eyes and ears, and if it is vibrating at the same pitch as what everyone else is taking in with their eyes.” I can relate. For better or for worse, […]

Leadership Development

Why The Way We Talk to Ourselves Matters So Much

Breathe.That’s most certainly a suggestion, not an order. If you’re game, go for it again. Breathe. Many mornings, I write that word when I’m journaling. Sometimes I might write it every few lines as I’m getting going. Each time I write it, I take a deep, slow breath (as I did just now). Mindful breathing won’t fix […]

Managing Ourselves

Secret #38: Thinking About Thinking

Eugene Ionesco once said, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” So here’s a question: What if we didn’t think hierarchically? What if we stopped insisting on ranking almost everything from best to worst? What if we weren’t worried about “who was the greatest”?  Buried near the back of Part 3 of the Guide to Good Leading […]

Managing Ourselves

The Power of Solitude

A quote from Beat poet Gary Snyder: “There are two things that are really educational. One is being with a bunch of really smart people. The other is being all by yourself.”  The regimen that I wrote about in a recent newsletter about the power of picking up the phone—making a couple of random phone calls […]

Managing Ourselves

Bring Your Best Self to Work: A Recipe for Energy Management

A new year brings with it renewed energy – energy to tackle goals, try new things and/or break habits that might not be serving us. What happens when we bring our unique energy to work each day? We have the profound power to affect our work ecosystem in ways that impact productivity, profits and well-being. […]